Relicx Beta now open

Today we're opening up our private beta, and I wanted to share an update on our journey so far. We started Relicx with a simple but powerful idea - to bring CX observability into the software development pipeline to answer an excruciating but straightforward question:

“Why do customers discover real bugs, not your tests?”

Unfortunately, this seemingly simple question is so hard to answer that many have almost given up on pre-release testing, leading to quality being traded off for speed. The consequences can be disastrous, as the broken customer experience can lead to reputation loss, customer churn, and erosion of any potential gains due to new features and functionality. So we said, what if instead of speed OR quality, you could have both? What if you could predict release quality before deploying to production? What if we took a radically powerful approach to quality that starts - rather than ends - with the customer experience? 

Relicx is the answer to those questions. It's the industry's first CX-Driven DevOps platform that helps you ship quality code faster by observing and analyzing live user behavior and testing real user flows in your CI/CD pipeline. It uses an ultra-lightweight browser script tag to record live user sessions with total data privacy and without any noticeable performance impact. The recorded sessions can then be replayed with a 360-degree view of logs and stack traces to spot and debug customer issues quickly. Relicx, however, goes much beyond any traditional session replay vendor to automatically generate end-to-end tests to validate real user flows in your CI/CD pipeline. As a result, Relicx enables you to proactively discover and resolve bugs before your customers by testing not just the critical user flow actions but often overlooked unique ways that pockets of real users learn to use your application.
With Relicx, you can maximize your engineering velocity and deploy new releases as often as you like - with complete confidence and without any pre-release anxiety. You will be able to measure, predict, and improve quality as seen by customers - a revolutionary approach that allows you to focus on quality as a business outcome vs. testing as painful, labor-intensive engineering grunt work. Finally, you can dramatically boost your engineering productivity by accelerating the root cause analysis and testing cycles.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's not, and I invite you to see it for yourselves as we are opening up our beta to software development and testing teams to give Relicx a try with their own applications. It's an exciting milestone for our company but also an excellent opportunity to get feedback from you, our community, as we head toward GA early next year. Once you've set up Relicx - it only takes a few minutes - we'd love to hear about your experience, so be sure to say 'hi' in our Slack channel.

We live in the CX era. Today, CX is a more significant business differentiator than the price or the product. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that so many multi-billion-dollar CX-analytics companies have been created in the past few years. What is surprising, though, is that none of them have addressed the needs of the most critical players in digital transformation, the engineering teams. With Relicx, we attempt to fill that void. 

And, finally, we are hiring! We have positions open in Engineering, Product Management, and UX design. Please apply for our open positions. 

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