Test Case Generation

Automatically generate manual test cases

Relicx suggests hard to automate manual test cases and generates the steps required to execute the stated intent.

80 - 90%
test coverage in weeks, not months

hours saved on testing each week

Test case suggestions

Relicx Copilot revolutionizes test case creation by autonomously exploring your application's functionality and recommending a diverse array of test cases. By leveraging AI technology, Relicx Copilot generates simulated user paths and proposes test cases that guarantee comprehensive testing coverage. Simply implementing these suggested test cases, you can achieve an impressive coverage ranging from 80% to 90% of all your use cases.

Convert test cases to tests

Relicx Copilot provides test cases in Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) syntax, offering clarity and ease of comprehension. Users can review these test cases and make decisions based on their specific testing requirements. Upon acceptance, the tool offers interactive authoring or natural language-based test creation features, allowing users to develop fully functional tests seamlessly.

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