Test Execution

Intelligent, Resilient, and Scalable test execution

Say good bye to brittle and flakey tests

reduction in test case maintenance

tests run per hour with parallel test execution

Smart selectors

Relicx uses advanced AI-powered technology to simplify and accelerate the software testing process. Unlike manual or static approaches, Relicx's Smart Selector intelligence analyzes hundreds of element attributes to precisely locate UI components, even as the application evolves. This eliminates the need for extensive test maintenance, allowing teams to ship quality releases faster.

Relicx's Smart Selector technology addresses the challenges posed by modern UI frameworks that use lazy loading. Unlike standard approaches, Relicx automatically handles intermittent test failures caused by locator match issues, with automatic waits and retries. This ensures reliable test execution, even as the application evolves.

Cross environment test execution

Relicx's test resilience capability allows you to write tests in one environment and seamlessly run them across multiple environments without any changes. Relicx automatically translates the application's base URL and uses its Smart Selector technology to identify UI elements, even if the data or code changes. This saves testers and developers significant time that would otherwise be spent customizing tests for each environment.

Auto retries

Relicx addresses the common issue of test environment stability problems, which often lead to intermittent failures and unnecessary debugging efforts for testers. To mitigate this, Relicx automatically retries failed tests a configurable number of times, allowing it to differentiate between transient environment-related issues and genuine application bugs.

If a test continues to fail after the retries, Relicx flags it as a genuine issue, eliminating the need for testers to investigate flaky test results. This functionality simplifies the testing process, saving valuable time and streamlining the overall workflow. As a result, teams can trust the reliability of their test results and focus their efforts on addressing true application defects.

Scalable, Parallel execution

Relicx provides a flexible and scalable approach to test management, allowing users to organize their tests into suites. This enables sequential or parallel execution, tailored to the specific requirements of the application under test.

Relicx's architecture is designed from the ground up to leverage state-of-the-art technology, facilitating thousands of test executions in parallel. Regardless of the initial testing volume, whether it's tens or hundreds of daily executions, Relicx seamlessly scales to accommodate increasing demand, supporting thousands of tests per day as the application's usage grows.

This scalability and flexibility empowers teams to optimize their testing workflows, ensuring efficient and comprehensive validation as the application evolves and user demands increase.

Error and Visual Validation

Relicx offers a comprehensive end-to-end testing approach that goes beyond traditional, hand-scripted UI tests. During test execution, Relicx automatically validates a wide range of factors that can impact the user experience, including backend API functionality, frontend errors, and hard-to-detect visual regressions. Tests that fail these validations are flagged as "validation failed", enabling teams to quickly identify and address issues that could affect the quality of the final product.

Importantly, these robust validation capabilities are provided out of the box by Relicx, setting it apart from other tools in the market. With Relicx, teams can ensure thorough testing and validation of their application's functionality and user experience with minimal effort.

CI/CD integration

Relicx can be effortlessly integrated with your CI/CD pipelines, enabling deployment decisions to be made conditionally based on test suite status. Relicx offers native support for Github Actions and provides a Python-based CLI for seamless integration with other CI/CD platforms. This ensures smooth incorporation of testing processes into your development workflow, enhancing overall project efficiency and reliability.

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