Test Creation

AI powered, no-code test authoring

Create highly reliable user flows tests in minutes

test authoring speed compared to traditional testing

hours saved on testing each week

No-code test authoring

Create highest quality tests in minutes without the need to write and maintain scripts. Generate test code by simply interacting with the application in a web browser. Add parameters for data-driven testing and add a rich set of AI-powered assertions to create high-quality tests that can catch even your most non-obvious bugs.

Author with natural language

Experience the cutting-edge test authoring tool, Relicx Copilot. This feature uses Generative AI to streamline test creation, allowing you to quickly generate robust tests using natural language.

For example, to verify successful login, simply enter "Did the login succeed?" in the command bar instead of using a complex script or depending on fragile UI elements.

Visual testing with Relicx Vision

Besides enabling intuitive test creation, Relicx Copilot's capabilities enable human-like automated visual testing. Most test scripting frameworks just interact with the DOM and cannot see the pages as rendered to users. Relicx Vision technology uses Generative AI and a set of visual prompts to test challenging UI elements, such as Canvas-based graphs and charts.


Relicx tests are parameterized to support data-driven testing. You can create parameters to accept data values at runtime, store data from the UI or API into parameters during the test run, and pass data values across tests during a test suite run.

Automate assertions

Say goodbye to manual assertion writing with Relicx Copilot Auto Assertions. Our AI engine automates this tedious task, suggesting relevant assertions after each test step. As you navigate your application and record test actions, Relicx intelligently evaluates page states and content, providing one or more recommended assertions.

The best part? These AI assertions are pre-verified for seamless functionality. When you accept these suggestions, they will work flawlessly. During test execution, the assertions operate like any other step, ensuring thorough validation of your application's functionality. Count on Relicx Copilot Auto Assertions for effective test validation.

Reusable tasks

Relicx allows users to create tasks, which are predefined sets of steps representing common actions. This feature optimizes testing workflows by enabling users to reuse tasks across multiple tests, eliminating redundant steps. One of the most crucial and frequently used tasks is the login task, which spares users from manually adding login steps repeatedly. Tasks can be generated from existing tests or created independently through interactive authoring.

Visual validation

Relicx makes it easy to check for visual changes in your app by seamlessly integrating with user-created tests and automated validation processes. This means you can quickly spot any differences from the base design. It also uses smart algorithms to classify issues as functional or data-related, helping you focus on what matters most. Plus, Relicx assigns severity levels to ensure urgent problems get fixed first. With Relicx, you get a reliable visual validation tool for thorough app monitoring and quality assurance.

Custom scripts

While Relicx is built for no-code test creation, it also gives users the freedom to add custom scripts for more advanced capabilities. With custom JavaScript or Puppeteer scripts, users can handle complex actions and requirements within their tests. This feature adds a layer of versatility to Relicx, allowing you to tailor your tests to meet specific needs effectively.

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