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How is Relicx different from other testing tools?

Relicx revolutionizes testing with our Generative AI powered agentic workflow implementation, Relicx Copilot. Unlike traditional tools that require manual effort or complex scripting, Relicx Copilot allows users to define testing goals in natural language. It intelligently automates the entire process—analyzing goals, determining necessary actions, and interactively executing these steps to validate outcomes. Additionally, Relicx autonomously generates test cases by exploring your application, a task typically performed manually.

Where does Relicx fit into my testing ecosystem?

Relicx is designed for automating end-to-end and user acceptance testing, enhancing your testing ecosystem by providing advanced capabilities not typically covered by unit testing tools.

What Sets Relicx Apart from Open-Source Tools like Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright?

While tools like Selenium require extensive programming skills and are time-consuming, Relicx enables users to create tests quickly and easily through AI-driven prompts. Unlike these frameworks that rely on static locators which makes tests brittle, Relicx operates at a higher intent level, adapting automatically to UI changes. Additionally, Relicx can test visual components such as Canvas and images with its advanced vision technology, which can’t done by using these scripting frameworks since they only interact with DOM (Document-object Model) and can’t "see" the final UI that your users see.

Can Relicx be integrated with existing CI/CD pipelines?

Absolutely. Relicx can seamlessly integrate into your CI/CD pipeline through our robust API and CLI, allowing for streamlined test executions and automated deployment decisions.

How does Relicx ensure privacy and compliance?

Relicx is committed to security and compliance. We are SOC2 Type 2 certified. We protect data with end-to-end encryption and row-level database security. Interaction with our Generative AI models is conducted through secure APIs, ensuring all application data remains confidential and stored exclusively within Relicx.

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