Session Replay

Debug faster with visual context

Find the root cause of hard-to-repro customer bugs faster by watching real user sessions.

test authoring speed compared to traditional testing

hours saved on testing each week

Watch real user sessions

Relicx's session replay technology provides insights into real user interactions. Users can observe how customers engage with the software, gaining valuable information to enhance product quality. By analyzing authentic user behavior, teams can quickly identify and address post-release issues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Powerful dev-tools

Utilize Relicx's powerful development tools to streamline your debugging process. With unmatched speed and precision, tackle production bugs in minutes rather than days. Benefit from detailed insights and diagnostic capabilities to swiftly resolve issues, maintaining enduring and captivating software quality for your end-users.

Session error reporting

Relicx simplifies session error tracking with automated categorization and severity assignment. Errors are classified based on their nature, with appropriate severities assigned. They are categorized as either frontend or API errors, providing clarity for troubleshooting. Frontend errors, such as uncaught exceptions, are automatically tagged as critical, ensuring prompt attention. Console errors are marked as significant for effective prioritization.

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